Multibikes Corporation, a leading provider of high-quality transportation solutions, recently opened its new Bajaj Three-Wheeler Display Center in Gingoog City. The grand opening was held on April 11, 2023, at Barangay 22, National Highway, Gingoog City. The event was filled with exciting activities for everyone who attended.

The day started with the store opening and preparation at 9 am. The Multibikes Corporation team made sure that everything was in order for the big day. The day’s activities officially kicked off with the acknowledgment of top management and special guests. An opening prayer was offered to bless the occasion.

The highlight of the day was the cutting of ribbons and welcome remarks. The Multibikes Corporation team, key officials, and special guests welcomed everyone to the new display center. A special message from the general manager was delivered to the attendees.

Personnel was then introduced to the attendees, and the latest models of Multibikes Corporation’s Bajaj three-wheelers were showcased. The attendees were impressed with the quality and design of the Bajaj three-wheelers, which showcased the Multibikes Corporation’s commitment to excellence.

The Trimotors team delivered a thank you message, expressing their gratitude to everyone who attended and supported the grand opening. The attendees then released balloons, and a coin toss activity was held.

A motorcade was conducted, with the take-off in Gingoog Display Center, and a motorcade run activity was also held. A lunch break was observed at noon, followed by a free service campaign for Bajaj RE three-wheeler units. Attendees were able to avail of this service, and they were grateful for the opportunity to have their vehicles serviced for free.

A raffle activity was held, where lucky attendees won exciting prizes. Games were also played, with one set of games held, along with giveaways for those who participated.

Overall, the grand opening of the Multibikes Corporation Bajaj Three-Wheeler Display Center in Gingoog City was a resounding success. The Multibikes Corporation team showed their commitment to providing high-quality transportation solutions to the Filipino people, and the event was a testament to their dedication. Congratulations to Multibikes Corporation on the successful opening of their new Bajaj Three-Wheeler Display Center in Gingoog City! We look forward to seeing how Multibikes Corporation continues to shape the future of transportation in the Philippines.