In celebration of World Motorcycle Day, VS1 and Mototek organized a Breakfast Unity Ride last Saturday, June 26, 2024. The event brought together riders from various groups, fostering camaraderie and a shared passion for motorcycling.

We started our ride at Limketkai McDonald’s in Cagayan de Oro (CDO) and concluded at San Vills Café in Gingoog. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to enjoy the scenic route and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Our corporate Marketing Team from the Motormate Group of Companies actively participated in the event, highlighting the strong community spirit and support for the motorcycling culture.

We kicked off the event at 6:00 am, gathering at Limketkai McDo. After a short orientation and a pictorial session, a priest led us in prayer. Then, we donned our safety gear and set off on the unity ride. By 10:30 a.m., we had all arrived at San Vills Café Claveria, where a hearty breakfast awaited us.

We enjoyed receiving giveaways such as T-shirts and other items from VS1 and Mototek. The event also featured a minor raffle draw with prizes like warmers, balaclava masks, and gloves. The major raffle draw had one lucky winner take home an LS2 helmet.

Motormate and Cdo 2 Cycles Marketing Corp., not only supported World Motorcycle Day but also fostered camaraderie and strengthened relationships among us riders.

God bless all the riders!