As a TESDA accredited center, TEAM values the importance of assessment and certification of mid- level skilled workers through the Philippine TVET Competency Assessment and Certification System. The assessment process seeks to determine whether the graduate or industry workers can perform to the standards expected in the workplace based on the defined competency standards.

Technical Excellence Academy of Motormate (TEAM), Inc. is not just a training center but also a TESDA accredited assessment center in Motorcycle/ Small Engine Servicing NCII. They accepts application to those who intend to get an NCII on the above mentioned qualification. One of the advantage of having National Certificate is that passers enable them to be more employable, productive and flexible to changing requirements of the industry may it be in the domestic or overseas workplace. It can help individuals in their professional career, they can even present the certificate during their job applications.

Last May 13, 2023 TEAM conducted a full qualification assessment for industry workers who came from different companies. A total of 10 candidates has been assessed on that day. It was a whole-day activity that was administered by Mr. Jeffrey L. Ramirez, a TESDA-accredited competency assessor. Assessments can be done either through any of the following: Written exams, demonstrations, oral questioning, interviews, portfolios, third-party reports, or submission of work projects. The assessor in this activity played a very important role for he will determine if the candidate was able to demonstrate the actual performance and answer oral questioning and written exam. The said assessment was also attended by 1 TESDA Representative and the Assessment Center Manager.

At the end of the day, it was indeed a successful assessment. Everyone got a competent result which means they have met the competency standard set by TESDA. Getting a National Certificate serves as a proof that you’ve passed and satisfied all the requirements needed under your chosen field.