Celebrating Employee Engagement at Motormate Group of Companies

The Motormate Group of Companies recently celebrated its Employee Engagement event with the theme “Handog Pasasalamat Sa Empleyadong Tapat,” a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated employees who have contributed to the company’s success over the years. The celebration took place over three Sundays at MGC Starmac Resort and Hotel, honoring employees based on their years of service: 1-5 years, 6-10 years, and 11-30 years.

Batch 1: 1-5 Years of Service

Date: March 3, 2024

The first batch included employees who have been with Motormate for 1-5 years. The day’s events were structured to celebrate their early contributions to the company.

The event began with an opening prayer conducted by Mr. Willy Casanos, followed by opening remarks given by Mr. Hendrill Liñan. This was followed by the acknowledgment of personnel by area and year of service. The day continued with various games including the Mat Race, Balloon Pass, Hula Hoop Pass, Tug of War, and Water Relay. The program concluded with the awarding and distribution of tokens, followed by closing remarks from Ms. Joan Boyles and a closing prayer led by Mr. Rafael Olaivar. The event was hosted by masters of ceremony Mr. Hendrill Liñan and Mr. Jagger Pineda.

Batch 2: 6-10 Years of Service

Date: March 10, 2024

The second batch celebrated employees who have dedicated 6-10 years to Motormate. This event featured a mix of formal recognition and fun activities.

The program began with the registration of attendees, followed by an opening prayer and the National Anthem. Ms. Jonalyn Aranguren then gave the opening remarks, followed by a company profile video showcasing Motormate’s achievements. There was an acknowledgment of delegates from various branches and a presentation of each team. The day’s games included an Obstacle Run, CRM Went to Town, Three-Leg Race, Water Relay, and Human Pyramid. The celebration featured live band presentations, with multiple sets entertaining the attendees. Winners of the games were recognized, and tokens were distributed to participants. The event concluded with closing remarks by Ms. Teri Bontia.

Batch 3: 11-30 Years of Service

Date: March 24, 2024

The final batch honored employees with 11-30 years of service, celebrating their long-term dedication and loyalty to the company.

The event started with registration managed by the Human Resource Department, followed by an opening prayer and a welcome address given by Mr. Dale Bryan Catipay. A recognition ceremony, led by the Office of the CEO, acknowledged long-serving employees for their dedication over the years. Various engaging games were played, and all employees wore Hawaiian attire for a theme program.

This celebration highlighted the company’s appreciation for its employees’ loyalty and hard work, underscoring how each individual’s efforts have contributed to Motormate’s ongoing success.